If not now, when?

Blog launch: Women Write Now

Many ideas have been cooking up in the Women of Noise hive. But one very exciting idea has finally blossomed into existence and we can’t wait to share it with you.
So we won’t wait!
Join us in welcoming our latest project: Women Write Now.

What is Women Write Now?

Women Write Now is a new blog series featuring interviews with female-identifying and non-binary individuals and ensembles/groups worldwide. The internet has given us the ability to discover and enjoy the creative output of artists worldwide wherever we may be, but there is always room for more discoveries! Women Write Now aims to give you the chance to get to know each artist and the incredible work they do, a little more intimately.

You’ll be able to take a glance into their creative identity and process, projects, inspirations, and views. We’ve aimed to frame questions that put into discourse topics such as identity, social justice, culture, the environment, gender, sexuality and the industry. There will also be plenty of media (recordings, photos, links) so that you can see many angles of their work and personality.

The impetus behind the project

Women Write Now came as an idea after the Women of Noise team started moving out and about. Not all of us are based in Brisbane currently and our travels and experiences have brought us into contact with some extraordinary artists. You know when you meet someone/ hear something / see something that genuinely excites you and you just want to share it with the world? Well, this is how Women Write Now came about. This project is also somewhat of a sister project to our podcast and radio segment Women of Noizzze. There is a lot happening in our world, much of which may be overshadowed. That’s why we’re here. We’re here to celebrate and share creative work of female-identifying and non-binary peoples in our worldwide community. We hope Women Write Now brings many new and wonderful discoveries to you that make you smile as much as we do!

Can I read it right now?

Not yet! But Women Write Now interviews will be published on the second and last Wednesdays of each month.

In our first interview we’ll be featuring Damkapellet, a collective of female musicians from Denmark, Sweden and Norway who highlight and perform music by female composers from all times. 

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Are you a woman of noise?

If you answered yes, no or maybe, keep reading!
YOU could feature in a Women Write Now interview.

If you or someone you know identifies as a woman or non-binary artist (of any medium) fill out our contact form with your name(s), contact details, website and links to your work if available.

Let us know who you would like see featured!

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