2018 Concert

How to Discipline a Curious Mind (2018) | Elizabeth shearon

World premiere of ‘How to Discipline a Curious Mind’ (2018) for flute, french horn and marimba by Elizabeth Shearon. Performed by Lily Bryant (flute), Claudia Leggett (French Horn) and Grace Kruger (Marimba).

Elizabeth writes: “Having a long visual art experience, I like the idea of “painting” with colours and timbres of instruments, using embellishments, textures and layers in my music. In this particular piece the reflection on the issue of inequality of women in the past and current times is represented. Using these three instruments (Flute, French Horn and Marimba), I visualised a scene where an opinion, a curious thought or a question (represented by playful flute parts) are being disregarded by harsh narrow-minded feedback (stopped horn) and followed by harmonic accompaniment of marimba. Through the variety of techniques, timbres, textures and contrasting natures of these three instruments, I explore the realities of oppressive ideals and raise awareness of the real life issue of gender inequality.”

Bloodmoon october (2014) | Kate moore

Bloodmoon October (2014)by Australian-born composer Kate Moore for solo piano and live electronics. 
Performed by Crystal Smith on Piano and Gregory McLucas on Live electronics.

The Fall of the leaf (1963) | Imogen holst

The Fall of the Leaf (1963) by Imogen Holst for solo cello. Performed by Renee Edson.

Concerto for active frogs (1974) | Anne lebaron

Concerto for Active Frogs (1974) by American composer, Anne LeBaron. Scored for 2 solo instruments, mixed chorus, percussion and tape. 
Performed by Merinda Dias-Jayasinha (vocal soloist) Amanda Terry (Violin), Sasha Walker (Bassoon); Harmony Jane DeBono, Georgia Balchin, Adelina Martinez, Taana Rose, Cameron Rollo and Jaidyn Chong (mixed chorus); Joyce To (percussion). 
Conducted by Phoebe Bognár

aure (2011) | Kaija saariaho

Aure (2011) by Finnish composer, Kaija Saariaho for violin and viola. 
Performed by Lara Baker-Finch on violin and Ellie Harrison on Viola.

I was in your house and waited that the rain might come (2018) | Jasmin leung

The world premiere of ‘I was in your house and waited that the Rain might come’ for mixed large ensemble by Australian-born composer Jasmin Leung . 
Performed by Amanda Terry (violin), Ellie Harrsion (viola), Phoebe Bognar (flute), Georgia Balchin (voice), Jaidyn Chong (voice), Taana Rose (voice + electronics), Hannah Reardon-Smith (bass flute), Claudia Leggett (French Horn), Jean-Paul Cerdan (Tuba), Renee Edson (Cello) and Michael Louttit (double bass).